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Risk Level: High



▼59 from previous two-week period



▼0.8% from previous two-week period

Two-Week Totals
Updated Thursday, February 25

Current Guidelines

Stay home if you are sick

Use cloth, paper, or disposable masks that cover your mouth and nose when in public

Practice physical distancing of at least six feet between yourself and people who you don’t live with

Regularly and thoroughly wash your hands and use hand sanitizer when necessary

Stay close to home and minimize non-essential travel

Indoor social gatherings are limited to 6 people from no more than two households.
Outdoor social gatherings are limited to 8 people.

Limit of 150 or 25% capacity (whichever is lower) for indoor faith gatherings.
Outdoor gatherings are limited to 200 people.

Face coverings are required at essential businesses (grocery stores, retail, pharmacies, banks, gas stations).

Indoor dining is allowed at 25% capacity or 50 people, whichever is smaller. Six people per party and per table maximum, closing time at 11 p.m. Takeout is highly recommended.

Gyms and fitness organizations may operate at 25% occupancy or 50 people, which ever is smaller.
Personal services like spas and physical therapy may remain open with precautions in place

Indoor recreational facilities like theaters and museums may operate at 25% occupancy or 50 people, whichever is smaller. Closing time at 11 p.m.

About These Metrics

  • COVID-19 RISK LEVEL – Based on new cases, positive test rate, contact tracing, and hospital availability.
    GOAL: New Normal
  • NEW COVID CASES – New positive cases in Umatilla County over 14 days as reported by the Umatilla County Public Health Department.
    GOAL: Continued Decline
  • POSITIVE TEST RATE – Percent of total cases with a positive result, compiled and reported weekly by the Oregon Health Authority. (Results are from the previous two-week period)
    GOAL <5%

Recovery Goals

  • Reduce new weekly cases to less than 280 for two consecutive weeks to allow elementary students to return to the classroom.
  • Reduce new weekly cases to less than 40 for two consecutive weeks to allow all students to return to the classroom.
  • Reach <10% positive test rate to allow students to stay in the classroom.

Move Umatilla County to Low Risk by:

  • Continuing to decrease the prevalence of COVID-19 to fewer than 40 new cases in a two-week period.
  • Continuing to decrease the positive test rate to less than 5%.
  • Effectively tracing 70% of new cases to an existing case

Umatilla County COVID-19 Response and Recovery Partners:

Umatilla County Health: Building a Healthy Community
CHI St. Anthony Hospital
Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization
Good Shepherd Health Care System
Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation
Umatilla County established 1862
City of Hermiston: Where Life is Sweet
City of Pendleton, Oregon incorporated 1880
City of Milton-Freewater
Eastern Oregon Business Source
InterMountain Education Service District
Hermiston School District
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